Shift into action with a new and unique action roguelike



Survive the chaos of conflict, as you fight through the endless forces of the Dominion. Battle your way through the streets and into the shattering world, shifting your form from Hero to Vehicle and beyond. Combine upgrades and abilities in unique ways, every run getting you closer and closer to your full powers!

The Dominion, a shadow corporation, has taken over everything. The balance of this new world order has shifted, as ancient artifacts discovered by the Dominion has allowed them the ability to summon ancient legends and warriors of myth, in an attempt to unleash their primal powers upon the world. Using this, they developed technologies that grant their armies the ability to shift their form into vehicles and machines, creating an unstoppable force. Myths however, are not so easily controlled.

The Dominion rules the world...
...But legends are born to save it

Although weakened by his arrival, the legendary Sun Wukong escaped from their clutches, and helped the other summoned warriors to evade their fate. Finding themselves in a strange and modern world, they hide in the streets amongst the people, using their modified relics to shift their forms into vehicles and blend within the city. Every day they walk among us, cementing the uprising that will topple the shadows that live at the heart of the Dominion. The battle for the realms of Earth has just begun.


Unlock and play as legendary heroes of myth, in their quest to save the realm.

Shift into vehicle form and explore the vast stage, uncovering missions and challenges!

Combine endless powers, tech upgrades and gifts into unique combos and builds, in your quest for the perfect run.

Unleash god-like powers upon ruthless masses of enemies and unique challenging bosses.


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