Champion Abilities Spotlight: Sun Wukong Unleashed!

6/23/20231 min read

Today, we turn our attention to the legendary hero Sun Wukong, and the powerful abilities bestowed upon our titular hero in Champion Shift. As an up close melee character, Wukong’s abilities are mainly focused on increasing the power of his staff, while others leverage his mischievous nature to unleash decoys on unsuspecting enemies. Let's dive into them:

Wukong's staff holds a secret. With each upgrade, the staff extends, granting him increased attack range and bolstering his weapon's damage. Engage enemies from farther away, and let your strikes resonate with the power of this ever-extending staff.

When shifted into Vehicle Mode, Wukong wields his staff with unmatched finesse. Unleash the Jingu Spin to witness a breathtaking spectacle as a 3 meter long, spinning staff attack is launched, striking at all enemies in its path. Let the whirlwind of the Monkey King's fury overwhelm your foes!

When shifting into Vehicle Mode, Wukong summons three nimbus cloud-riding clones that he launches forward into battle. These clones, infused with his essence, unleash devastating attacks, dealing 150% of his attack damage to all enemies in their path.

Prepare for a truly earth-shaking move! Wukong's Power Pole Slam triggers every third strike, causing him to slam his staff forward with tremendous force. Enemies unfortunate enough to be in its path face the wrath of a 200% attack damage blow.

The Monkey King's mischievous nature comes to the fore with this ability. When shifting out of Vehicle Mode, Wukong drops a barrel that explodes into three Wukong monkey clones. These clones dash out and engage enemies in battle, fighting alongside you for a glorious 10 seconds. Unleash this chaotic flurry and let the monkeys run amok!

As with all Champion Abilities, you can upgrade them multiple times during your run, increasing their power with each and every upgrade. But choose carefully, as Champion Ability upgrades are harder to come by, and can be a determining factor in your chances of victory.

Stay tuned for more Champion and Celestial Gift spotlights as we unveil the diverse array of powers you can wield in Champion Shift!