Celestial Gift Spotlight: Shuten Doji's Fiery Presence

6/15/20232 min read

In today’s post, we explore the Celestial Gifts, ancient and powerful abilities bestowed upon our Champions. During battle, you can capture the essence of enemies as XP, which grants you points towards your Celestial Gifts. Since their escape from the hands of the Dominion, our Champions powers have lessened, and these Gifts are the gateway to recapturing their mythical abilities. In every run, the Celestial Gifts you choose will drastically affect your odds of success, so choose wisely!

Today, we delve into the depths of ancient folklore to unveil the powers of Shuten Doji, the fearsome Demon Lord of Mount Oe. Prepare yourself for a fiery spectacle!

Shuten Doji's celestial gift allows you to summon his disembodied head to join you in the fight against the Dominion corporation. Picture a flaming visage, wreathed in malevolence, launching devastating fireballs at your enemies with unyielding fury. Let's explore the upgrades that enhance this mythical ally.

Devil's Contract:

By forging a pact with Shuten Doji, you can increase his attack speed. With this upgrade, the fireballs he hurls become even deadlier, as they can trigger on hit effects. Watch your enemies burn and suffer the consequences of crossing paths with the Demon Lord!

Sake Bombs:

Shuten Doji, known for his fondness for sake, bestows upon his fireballs an intoxicating infusion. As they grow larger and more volatile, they now explode on contact, dealing area-of-effect damage to surrounding foes. Witness the destructive power of these explosive projectiles!

Oni's Rage:

With this empowering upgrade, Shuten Doji's wrath knows no bounds. He gains the ability to simultaneously launch a fireball at each enemy within range, leaving no target unscathed. Embrace the chaos and revel in the fiery spectacle as enemies fall before the Demon Lord's relentless assault.

Hellfire Elixir:

In a wicked twist, Shuten Doji combines his demonic blood with his flames, concocting a hellish elixir of torment. Now, when his fireballs strike their mark, enemies are set ablaze.
Remember, each upgrade amplifies the might of Shuten Doji's summoned head, making it an invaluable ally in your battle against the Dominion corporation. Harness the raw power of fire, watch enemies crumble before your celestial might, and uncover the truth behind Dominion's sinister plans.

Prepare to unleash the fury of Shuten Doji's fiery reign upon the forces of darkness!

Stay tuned for more celestial gift spotlights as we unveil the diverse array of powers you can wield in Champion Shift.